Longest Roller Coasters 2017

10. Ride of Steel at Darien Lake is number 10 on the list of the longest roller coasters 2017.

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One of the tallest coasters east of the Mississippi, climbing approximately 208 feet and reaching speeds in excess of 70 mph.


Coaster Stats
Name Location Height
Ride of Steel Darien Lake 208
Length Time Drop Speed Type
5400 3.2 205 73 Steel Hyper


Darien Lake

Darien Lake is located between Buffalo and Rochester in Corfu, New York, on State Highway 77. It has campgrounds, a waterpark, and an on-site, lodge themed hotel. The Lodge on the Lake Hotel opened in 1998 with 160 hotel rooms, considered luxury rooms. PARC Management has mentioned a possible expansion in the future to create an indoor water park around the hotel, to attempt a year-round attraction. No official plans have been announced yet. The park started as a campground and picnic area. While access to the original picnic area is no longer allowed to the general public, the campground still occupies its original area and has since expanded many times over. It currently consists of over 1200 campsites, roughly half of which are park-owned RV's that guests can rent, the rest are available for either guest-owned RV's or tent sites. By staying in the campgrounds, guests are allowed daily access to the park for the duration of their stay.



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